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Accountability breeds responsibility

It's time to make your health a priority so you can thrive in all the things you want to accomplish.

Strong Woman

Health Coach Queen

Boutdatplantlife is strictly "about that plant life!  Its not an easy journey for anyone who is striving to perfect their diet. We as natural born human beings, are like plants in our nature. We start out as a seed (child) and are watered by our parents, transforming into a fully grown plant (adult). It is the quality of the water in which we decide to water ourselves with, that shapes and molds our thoughts, habits and challenges of today. I not only treat myself like a beautiful fruitful flower, I know that plants heal all things and we as humans can get all the protein and nutrients we need from having a plant based diet.

It may be impossible to change another person or make someone listen to what you have to say, but its not impossible for YOU to perfect YOUR diet and become the most healthiest radiant you.


Plant Based Wellness Educator

Herbal Alchemist 



Certified Natural Juice Therapist NJT

Certified Holistic Transitional Lifestyle Coach

Certified Detox Specialist

The Alkaline Wombman   

The body must always maintain its PH balance in order to function at its highest. Dis-ease cannot survive in a alkaline body.

My alkaline meal plan supports the woman's total well-being from the inside out, shedding fat and lowering the risk of health challenges like cancer, fibroids and diabetes. As woman we are loaded with hormones that must stay balance for our true selves to reflect on a daily basis. The alkaline recipes I designed for woman, not only cater to maintaining the bodies natural PH, but also helps to keep the chakras aligned and the thyroid functioning at its highest. Alkaline food is extremely vital for those woman who struggle with child bearing, an alkaline diet will nurture the body back to its normal homostasis. Eating alkaline foods also help to maintain and correct the functioning of ones Yoni health. I always found that making plant based meals will truly bring the artist out of you. Encouraging you to live your best healthiest life!

My favorite Alkaline fruits & vegetables 

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